Best & Fastest USABit Proxy & Mirror Sites 2020

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USABIT is among the most famous torrent sites available in the USA and other abroad countries. The main aim of this site is to provide a safe and secure platform for providing users with torrent sites. This favorite website is now not accessible by the users as the government and the ISP has made some firm rules and procedures on it.

Is the usabit down in your country then you can get some really excellent alternatives which are available for the usabit? These alternatives such as pirate bay and kickass are very reliable and its functionality is similar to usabit. If you feel very determined to use the only usabit site then you can try the proxy site links available for it.

In this article, you can find the proxy and mirror sites of usabit. These mirror sites are completely similar trio the original version. The only difference between the mirror and proxy site is the unique domain name of them.  Let’s see various mirrors and the proxy links available to the usabit site. Some of the best music downloaders for Android are here.

  • Proxy for USABIT

Due to the pirated content in the proxy sites, they are being shut down by the government. So using usabit in a country where it is blocked or restricted is not encouraged. If you wish to use it you may have to access it through the VPN sites where your identity will remain confidential.  So these are the secure step by step instructions to use usabit.

  • The first step you have to do is to download a VPN such as express. Try to install a well-known VPN which is safe.
  • Now the second step is connecting your VPN which is preinstalled to the net.
  • To precede the unblocking procedure of the usabit click on any proxy or the mirror sites available for it.
  • Now you can use it successfully. This method of using usabit is only applicable for genuine purposes.

USAbit Mirror & Proxy Websites 2020 (Fastest)

As already seen there are many effective alternatives available for usabit. If you don’t want to put yourself in risk by using usabit in a country where it is restricted you can try out these alternatives. It may be very tough for usabit users to shift from it to other sites. However, all the alternatives mentioned here are very dependable and also very brilliant like usabit.

The usabit proxy sites may be a great option for unblocking usabit but there are also demerits by obtaining this method. Using the mirror or the proxy sites may sometimes decrease the speed of your internet. It is also very stressful to use the internet when it slows down. To avoid these kinds of complications you can try out the below-mentioned objectives. Get the latest version of freedom apk.


YIFY holds the top position for the best alternative for usabit.  Similar to the usabit site Yify also provides the users with a wide range of movie torrents.  The torrents are also available in 720, 1080 and 3D qualities. Yify provides all the favorite elements of movie buffs. If you are a movie fanatic then you can get the trailer, movie reviews and other comments for the users to choose the movie. Yify has also added features that are not available in usabit. You can use this alternative and see the benefits for yourself.

2. Demonoid

Yet another fine torrent site available as an alternative for usabit is Demonoid. This site has so much fan base. Within a few days of its release,, it has gained so much popularity as it provided the best torrent links for movies. You can get torrents on any movie genre such as anime, comic, adventure, thriller name it everything. This site also allows the users to upload the torrent sites for other users also. There is also an interactive forum available for the users where you can participate and share content for free. 


EZTV is one of the top destinations for movie torrents.  The special thing about this site is it only offers you movie torrents but also free torrents for TV shows. The interface of this site is very attractive, sleek and has some excellent features. The users can also enjoy the filter option available on this site.

4. Seed peer

Seed peer is one of the innovative alternatives available for usabit.  The homepage is fully occupied with the tons of movie torrents, with movies of all genres and also pictures are available here. The users who are registered have the opportunity to post their comments and reviews. Also check, best 3d launchers for Android.

5. 1337X

This site is considered a safe platform that provided users with verified torrent sites. Form movies, TV shows and games lots of content are available here. It has front where there is a search box.

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