DroidVPN Premium APK Download For Android/PC (Free)

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DroidVPN premium apk – it is one of simple and easy to use VPN software for android devices. And the work of the VPN services is to help one from unblocking regional internets, bypass firewalls; web filtering and the web collect all the internet traffic from your android to our servers.

About VPN – it is a program, software or an app which advocates locale in disguising the IP address. When it comes to tunnel traffic VPN application does that via ICMP (IP over ICMP). It simply means one may even browse the internet even when you are just permitted for sending ping requests to send an internet browser which is blocked up on the firewall.

Download DroidVPN Premium APK For Free 2020


For doing this you need to enter the email which you have registered and the password which you have sent to you. If you guys are using a free account make sure for changing your server to ‘free server’ just by tapping the flag. The next step which you will have to do is pressing the large connect button. 

Then you will have to wait till it is connected to the server and you will find this your ‘VPN connected’. You may close the app and start browsing. Alternatively, you can also try other VPN security apps like Nord VPN, Psiphon VPN, & IPVanish etc.

Features of VPN

If you are looking forward to knowing more about the features, then the mentioned features will be helpful to know in deep for sure.

  • It helps in blocking Ads
  • Then 1 tap connect the widget
  • This allows in unlocking the websites
  • You may even give your unrestricted speed
  • This tunnel IP traffic via ICMP over UDP
  • You might even save data and network traffic via data compression
  • It allows you to encrypt your internet traffic.

DroidVPN Premium Featuresdroidvpn premium free download

  • There will be no requirement of the premium account
  • There will be no need to pass change issue
  • This provides unlimited downloading and uploading
  • One may even connect to the premium servers
  • You may use all the ports such as UDP- 53, 80, 9200, 25000, etc.
  • It advocated the custom UDP ports and here is the step to get the Droid VPN premium in Trial account.
  • 1st step – just create the Droid VPN account from here
  • After uninstalling the old droid VPN (if you have not done yet)
  • Now just install this Droid VPN
  • Now you may even use your  username and password for connecting with any of the free server (this can be done very easily)
  • You may even employ now download this droid VPN for unlimited downloading.

Privacy, speed, and variety

It is very easy and even fast to connect to the Droid VPN. The only thing which you need to do at first hand is downloading the app, registering an account and picking up a server. This even offers speed which is required for continuing and making sure their data and online the footprints which are from hackers and phishers.

droidvpn premium apk

This becomes possible via various DroidVPN premium servers at the disposal among all the employs the best advancement for protecting your information! This even advocates most of the version of android. When it comes to its safety this gives a guarantee about it.



  • The android version should be below 4.0
  • This is a working internet connection. DroidVPN which is not a replacement for your ISP
  • A droidVPN account.

Final words 

DroidVPN APK premium apk is one of a good app that offers features full of good options. You will need an account of Droid APK. Rest you may see its features for clearing out confusions. If you have any doubt regarding this you can ask about it. There is nothing to worry about its speed capping but you really should not worry.

This does not come with capping on usage. So this offers service updates the password every two hours. It offers the best security feature and this would make DroidVPN Premium the prime choice. Droid VPN even provides ways to hide your locale and IP address from the prying eyes of the ISP, scamsters, and regulators. You are free here for browsing whatever you desire.

Thank You

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