Religious Leaders Reject the Unified Code for the Places of Worship

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In the first official meeting of “Egypt’s Family House Council”, today religious leaders have rejected the unified code for places of worship citing religious differences between Islam and Christianity.
The council called for what it referred to as a parallel code for the construction of churches to be approved by all Christian sects, while continuing to uphold the current Mosques Law passed in 2001.
Member of the council’s secretariat, Dr. Mustafa AL Fiqi told reporters in a press conference after the meeting that the council made a recommendation to reopen licensed churches that have been closed and to proceed in the direction of licensing unlicensed churches after these churches meet the criteria to obtain such licenses.
Al Fiqi pointed out that the council called for the participation of all the Christian sects in placing the criteria for the construction of churches within the parallel churches law.
He added that Muslim and Christian members of the council concluded that there was no need to issue a code for the construction of mosques since there were no problems with the current law.
Religious leaders have also concluded that a unified code for Muslim and Christian places of worship could result in needless problems, added Al Fiqi.

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