Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Early Presidential Elections

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Justice Party is leading the parliamentary race, rejected early presidential elections, hailed by many as paving the way to the transfer of power to a civilian authority.
The MB said changing the timetable for the presidential elections would lead to chaos.
This came as activists plan a massive demonstration in Tahrir Square Friday to protest against the military rule and the recent unrest, which was blamed by the prime minister for costing the economy billions of dollars in losses.
Vice Chairman of the FJP Essam Al Erian said the MB is with the timetable previously announced by the ruling military council to hand over power to an elected president by July 2012.
The liberal Egyptian Bloc, which came in the third place after the FJP and the ultraconservative Al Noor Party, had proposed the holding of early presidential elections, saying in a statement that the army should hand over power in no more than three months.
Activists accuse the MB, and Islamists in general, of sacrificing the demands of protestors for the sake of consolidating their position in the new structure of power in Egypt.
Analysts, however, predicted that moving the date presidential elections forward does not necessarily end the domination of the army in a new state ruled by civilians because most presidential hopefuls will most likely seek to forge new relations with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

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