Mohammad Mahmoud St. Named Eyes of Freedom St.

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After six days of deadly clashes in Mohammad Mahmoud Street, leading to the Interior Ministry headquarters, demonstrators have re-named the street that saw many of them injured or killed by hanging a huge sign at its entrance that says: “Eyes of Freedom St. –  Formerly Mohammed Mahmoud St.”
Activists launched a campaign on Twitter demanding changing the name of the street to become Ahmad Harara St. Harara lost his right eye during the Friday of Rage demonstrations on January 28th and his left eye on November 19th.
Some demonstrators also suggested the name of the street be changed to “Martyrs St.” while others wanted the street named “The Field Marshal’s Massacre St.”
Mohammad Mahmoud Street was the scene of fierce clashes between demonstrators and security forces that resulted in scores being killed and thousands wounded when security forces used teargas bombs, live ammunition, and rubber bullets against demonstrators.
Clashes subsided on Thursday after the armed forces built a concrete separation wall to create a buffer zone between protestors and security forces guarding the Interior Ministry’s headquarters.

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