25, 25 January and Masr 25

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As a committed media company, channel 25 looks to help the newly-elected president do his job. We take the approach of an objective opposition which pushes for change according to legal mechanisms and the constitution.  We believe a committed media can re-enforce the principles of citizenship, and promote an awareness of Egyptian civilization and culture.         We also adopt the principle of transparency, which enhances confidence and accountability that can spark social change, and encourage people to help tackle political issues, which leads to a better life for all.

The channel tries to build confidence between the presidency, government institutions, civil society associations, parties, syndicates, the private sector and judicial authorities. This confidence has been decreasing lately resulting in social atrophy.

Therefore, we encourage the army to protect the revolution and call for its return to its important role of defending the nation. Its role should center on honoring the country and respecting its political regime.

Channel 25 listens to all political powers and is responsive to public opinion. We listen to Copts as citizens with full rights. We believe religious decrees (Fatwas) should have no role in government. Nor do we brook criticism of religious beliefs. We stand with Copts against hostile actions towards churches and individuals.

We look for stability and peace, and we present constructive ideas and visions. We are after unity and reconciliation. We impartially present unbiased news. We put our interest in developing media, and focus on progressive topics and in spreading optimism.

During the elections, we started programs to raise awareness about civil rights and democracy. We avoided showy techniques and presented distinguished programs which reflect social responsibility.

Channel 25 recognizes the role of women in building society without gender discrimination. We also presented police-related programs which build trust with public and at the same time commit police to adopt principles of human rights.

We worked on building bridges between Egypt and Arab countries and overseas nations.

Channel 25 strives to revive the revolutionary spirit, focusing on its peaceful nature and concentrating on aspects of democracy and plurality. However, we also realize that we still have an important role in framing the discussion and involving more voices to promote change and democracy not only in Egypt, but also the wider Arab World.

We introduced a group of Tahrir Square activists as presenters and producers in a unique experiment. It brought youthful enthusiasm on screen, and avoided the traditional trend in media of turning to performers with preset ideas and beneficiaries.

There may be some confusion surrounding the names, but Channel 25 remains committed to representing the spirit of of democracy and impartiality.

Watch us on Nilesat 11602 H.

Mohamed Gohar

CEO – 25TV